Thursday, February 9, 2017


My sister-in-low came to my rescue !! She said and I quote : " You are killing yourself with books !! what The Hell ? We need a movie time !! " So she grabbed my personal computer and Googled some "cute" movies and told me to choose so i did ! And i chose the DUFF movie ! I read the book and I had high expectations !So the question IS : Was I disappointed ?HELL YEAH !Don't get me wrong I liked the movie and laughet out loud but I kept comparing it to the BOOK ! 

Yeah the BOOK was cute romance for young adults but it was also deep 
It discussed some important sujects like : 
- Parents abuse 
- Divorce's nigative effects on kids 
- Self-image 
But the movie cut all that off 
I mean I know that they were trying to make funny ,cute and sweet movie about teenagers ... 
But c'mon I have the right to protest :) :)