Thursday, December 15, 2016

The billionaires forceful marriage

Hey Bookaholics ! so i like books actually i love books . Books are my drug , i m addicted .. and i appreciate a good book so !! 
I can say proudly that i m a big fan of WATTPAD i mean c'mon who can't love talented and great writers .. So i will be reviewing every book i read in there <3 
i know it's a big deal , but those books are amazing and deserve to be talked about ... 

 (drums please ) 

Billionaires Forcefull marriage 
by Eugenia Zantoto 
32 chapters 
i give it 3 stars 
so i m not gonna talk about the grammer :) sorry but it's not my place to judge it .. English is not really my first language so you can udrestand :)

so James is rich business man , he hate his maid a lot she is black and he see her as a slave ( which i really hated him for ) but one day he discover that she is pregnant .. He gets drunk and confess it all ... HE RAPED HER WHEN SHE TOOK THE SLEEPING PILLS !! ( he is an ass and a raper  ) so his fadher forced him to marry her ....
he hate her so much so when they begin to live together he started to abuse her , hit her , threaten her .....BUT what he never expected actually happen ... His brother who is in love with ROSE protected her from him , took her to live with his parents .. James started to understand that what he did was wrong , started to regret it , started to love her ...
AFTER 3 months he went to his parent's and found his wife and appologized , she actually forgave him i mean come on , he raped u , he abused u .. Like what the hell Girl snapp out of it !!!!
You think it's over ?! i thought that too but no THE PROBLEMS just began :)
Read it , give it a chance it's amzing :)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Before we were strangers

Book Review :
320 Pages 
Published : August 18,2015 
By Renee Carlino 
I give it 4 stars ****  

HEY BOOKAHOLICS ,  I read this book in one sitting <3 
I absolutely love everything about it . The nostalgia , the first love , the heartbreaks <3 
It was EPIC , The emotions and the connection between two charecters who are meant to be together but they can't get the right time for it :'( 
I honestly love this peace of art that Renee created and simply can't decide if i love it for the smiles or tears that it brought me ... 
I highly recommend this book , just picked up and you won't regret it i promise :)
SO this books follows two charecters who have met back in college stated their relationship as friends and after that their relationship become more. They fall in love . But fate has another plans for them . After the summer of their sinior year they lost connection with each other ,
BUT they met after 15 YEARS and they disvoverd they still have feelings for eac other . AT that point you will think "finally" BUT no !!! FATE IS A TOTAL BITCH !!
I Don't want to spoil it for you :) :) So i will stop right now :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Into white

Hello there people !!
So I read this book yesterday . And i can't say that i m not disappointed in it .
It could have been a great book about RACISM , self-image and Race but it was so messy and simple ( i mean c'mon you're talking about Racism for god's sake that's heavy shit ).
However the story , the charecters were great and the brother-sister bound was amazing .
I really loved the cover .
SO this book follows a black girl who hates her race and one day she prayes for god to change her into any other race .. But much to her surprise the next day she wakes up to find herself white !! Like REALLY white with blue eyes and long blond hair . and then she receive a visit from JESUS to tell her that every one can see her like that except her own family ... And that's the test
I give this book 3 stars ***

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hey again ! FROSTBITE by Richelle Mead !! 
so this book started with Rose and Dimitri road trip to meet a formal garduain who is BTW a legend but to only find a massacre , all the guardians and the MORIOS are DEAD !! after the investigation they learn that the STROGIO are out for blood not only that but they also got help from some humans !! what a shock :o 
So the Academy have a plan to keep the students save and the plan is to send them to a hotel in a montain for the break .. 
The morio are split into two groups . Group who want to fight with old school method which means that the morio will have to use their magic to protect themselves and help the gardians. 
And another group who wants to hide and let the gardians do their job and protect them .. 
But what will Rose do when she finds out that Dimitri is interrested in someone else ? 
What will Dimitri do when finds out that prince Adrian Ivashkov is interested in ROSE ?
what will Mason do when he finds out that Rose has no fellings for him and in LOVE with Dimitri ? 
And what's so special about Adrian ? 
will Dimitri admit his feelings for Rose ? 
What will happen when Mason , Mia and Edie go out for a killling THE STRIGIO mission and WILL Rose and Christian save them ? 
Many question but the answers are right in that book 
SO don't hassitate and pick it up :) 
This book broke my heart in so many ways :'( I hope you will enjoy it like i did <3 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Vampire Academy

OKAY NERDS !!! This is my favorite series <3
It's the series that got me into reading !!!
In Vampire Academy world there is 3 types of vampires
Moroi are the "good vampire " they live of blood obviously , Sun light annoyes them and yet doesn't kill them . Every moroi can control a type of magic ( Water , air , fire and earth )
Dhampir they are half vampires half humans . their only mission is to protect the Moroi ( they are the guardians )
Strigio are the bad vampire . To turn into a strigio the moroi need to kill his victim . Or they can turn against their will by dringing the strigio's blood
So VA series follow the story of the last princess of the Dragomir bloodline LISA Dragomir and her bestfriend Rose . Rose is a Dhampir . Her only concerne is Lisa .. she will do anything to protect her . Even running away from the Academy . And after 2 years of running , they get caught and dragged back to the Academy by the garduian Belikov , Dimitri Belikov ... But their not save in the Academy , their a mesteries anemy stalking Lisa and trying to drag her down by ruining her emotionally ... Rose can't take it anymore so she does what she does best . training hard , woeking more ... but what she doesn't expect is to fall for her tutor Dimitri ...

So my friends what you need to do is to pick up this book and read it <3

Thursday, December 1, 2016


All you need to do is READ Twist Me trilogy - fall in love with the dark , twisted Romance 💀
I really hated Julian at first but then with every book and every chapter I grew to love with him ( believe me i already know that i m crazy for saying this out loud 😂😂😂) And after you finish reading it READ Capture me trilogy and you will fall in love even more 
And i m definitely going to wait for Anna Zaires next books <3

I don't want to spoil it for you guys but here comes the story :
So Nora at her 18th birthday met an unforgettable guy at a night club and after 2 weeks she met him again at her graduation ceremony ... In that night she got kidnapped .... and to her suprise it was the same GUY ..
Julian .... He claimed her as his .... He wanted her and he was not willing to let her go ....!!
 So the book will follow their story ...

it's everywhere . The pool of dark red liquid on the floor is spreading , multiplying. It's on my feet, my skin, my hair ......  I can taste it , smell it , feel it covering me . I'm drowing in blood , suffocating in it .
I want to scream , but i can't draw in enough air. I want to move , but I'm restrained , tied in place , the ropes cutting into my skin as I struggle against them.
I can hear her screams , though .
Inhuman shrieks of pain and agony that slice me open , leaving my mind as raw and mangled as her flesh.
He kifts the knife one last time and the pool of blood turns into an ocean, the rip current sucking me in---
I wake up screaming his name , my sheets soaked through with cold sweat.
F a moment , im disoriented ... and then I remember.
HE will never come for me again .