Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Into white

Hello there people !!
So I read this book yesterday . And i can't say that i m not disappointed in it .
It could have been a great book about RACISM , self-image and Race but it was so messy and simple ( i mean c'mon you're talking about Racism for god's sake that's heavy shit ).
However the story , the charecters were great and the brother-sister bound was amazing .
I really loved the cover .
SO this book follows a black girl who hates her race and one day she prayes for god to change her into any other race .. But much to her surprise the next day she wakes up to find herself white !! Like REALLY white with blue eyes and long blond hair . and then she receive a visit from JESUS to tell her that every one can see her like that except her own family ... And that's the test
I give this book 3 stars ***

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