Friday, December 2, 2016

Vampire Academy

OKAY NERDS !!! This is my favorite series <3
It's the series that got me into reading !!!
In Vampire Academy world there is 3 types of vampires
Moroi are the "good vampire " they live of blood obviously , Sun light annoyes them and yet doesn't kill them . Every moroi can control a type of magic ( Water , air , fire and earth )
Dhampir they are half vampires half humans . their only mission is to protect the Moroi ( they are the guardians )
Strigio are the bad vampire . To turn into a strigio the moroi need to kill his victim . Or they can turn against their will by dringing the strigio's blood
So VA series follow the story of the last princess of the Dragomir bloodline LISA Dragomir and her bestfriend Rose . Rose is a Dhampir . Her only concerne is Lisa .. she will do anything to protect her . Even running away from the Academy . And after 2 years of running , they get caught and dragged back to the Academy by the garduian Belikov , Dimitri Belikov ... But their not save in the Academy , their a mesteries anemy stalking Lisa and trying to drag her down by ruining her emotionally ... Rose can't take it anymore so she does what she does best . training hard , woeking more ... but what she doesn't expect is to fall for her tutor Dimitri ...

So my friends what you need to do is to pick up this book and read it <3

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