Thursday, December 15, 2016

The billionaires forceful marriage

Hey Bookaholics ! so i like books actually i love books . Books are my drug , i m addicted .. and i appreciate a good book so !! 
I can say proudly that i m a big fan of WATTPAD i mean c'mon who can't love talented and great writers .. So i will be reviewing every book i read in there <3 
i know it's a big deal , but those books are amazing and deserve to be talked about ... 

 (drums please ) 

Billionaires Forcefull marriage 
by Eugenia Zantoto 
32 chapters 
i give it 3 stars 
so i m not gonna talk about the grammer :) sorry but it's not my place to judge it .. English is not really my first language so you can udrestand :)

so James is rich business man , he hate his maid a lot she is black and he see her as a slave ( which i really hated him for ) but one day he discover that she is pregnant .. He gets drunk and confess it all ... HE RAPED HER WHEN SHE TOOK THE SLEEPING PILLS !! ( he is an ass and a raper  ) so his fadher forced him to marry her ....
he hate her so much so when they begin to live together he started to abuse her , hit her , threaten her .....BUT what he never expected actually happen ... His brother who is in love with ROSE protected her from him , took her to live with his parents .. James started to understand that what he did was wrong , started to regret it , started to love her ...
AFTER 3 months he went to his parent's and found his wife and appologized , she actually forgave him i mean come on , he raped u , he abused u .. Like what the hell Girl snapp out of it !!!!
You think it's over ?! i thought that too but no THE PROBLEMS just began :)
Read it , give it a chance it's amzing :)

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