Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hey again ! FROSTBITE by Richelle Mead !! 
so this book started with Rose and Dimitri road trip to meet a formal garduain who is BTW a legend but to only find a massacre , all the guardians and the MORIOS are DEAD !! after the investigation they learn that the STROGIO are out for blood not only that but they also got help from some humans !! what a shock :o 
So the Academy have a plan to keep the students save and the plan is to send them to a hotel in a montain for the break .. 
The morio are split into two groups . Group who want to fight with old school method which means that the morio will have to use their magic to protect themselves and help the gardians. 
And another group who wants to hide and let the gardians do their job and protect them .. 
But what will Rose do when she finds out that Dimitri is interrested in someone else ? 
What will Dimitri do when finds out that prince Adrian Ivashkov is interested in ROSE ?
what will Mason do when he finds out that Rose has no fellings for him and in LOVE with Dimitri ? 
And what's so special about Adrian ? 
will Dimitri admit his feelings for Rose ? 
What will happen when Mason , Mia and Edie go out for a killling THE STRIGIO mission and WILL Rose and Christian save them ? 
Many question but the answers are right in that book 
SO don't hassitate and pick it up :) 
This book broke my heart in so many ways :'( I hope you will enjoy it like i did <3 

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