Saturday, December 10, 2016

Before we were strangers

Book Review :
320 Pages 
Published : August 18,2015 
By Renee Carlino 
I give it 4 stars ****  

HEY BOOKAHOLICS ,  I read this book in one sitting <3 
I absolutely love everything about it . The nostalgia , the first love , the heartbreaks <3 
It was EPIC , The emotions and the connection between two charecters who are meant to be together but they can't get the right time for it :'( 
I honestly love this peace of art that Renee created and simply can't decide if i love it for the smiles or tears that it brought me ... 
I highly recommend this book , just picked up and you won't regret it i promise :)
SO this books follows two charecters who have met back in college stated their relationship as friends and after that their relationship become more. They fall in love . But fate has another plans for them . After the summer of their sinior year they lost connection with each other ,
BUT they met after 15 YEARS and they disvoverd they still have feelings for eac other . AT that point you will think "finally" BUT no !!! FATE IS A TOTAL BITCH !!
I Don't want to spoil it for you :) :) So i will stop right now :)

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